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ADP Granite & Marble Designs, Inc.

ADP Granite & Marble Inc. was created with a vision of giving customers the best fabrication and installation of natural stone.

ADP Granite & Marble Inc. is proud to provide quality work and excellent service to the County of San Diego. Since more than a decade ADP continues to innovate the design. ADP enjoys creating unrepeatable and unique pieces giving them unparalleled touch technology can not achieve. With over 15 years ADP Granite & Marble Inc. has gained experience in the management of natural and semi-precious stone. Always taking advantage of the tones, texture, design and each of the qualities in natural color that gives us a luxurious material that characterizes Mother Nature. 

After finding the natural stone for the project, the process is smooth. The client can be completely safe and have tranquility that all pieces will reach anywhere in impeccable condition. 

Since the formation of the world, natural stone to be form had to wait millions of years, which now we can enjoy unique and wonderful pieces of incomparable value. No doubt that the person that designs a kitchen, bathroom or any figure made of stone has much wit as the time that it took to be formed. 

Dare to have a piece of millions of years in your personal space.