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Frequenlty Asked Questions

How to choose a countertop?
What do I need to install a countertop?

Simple list:

  • Material to use as countertop
  • Favorite Edge
  • Plywood
  • No Plywood
  • Sink
  • Faucets

Which material to use?
We recommend granite or marble for your countertop.

Which edge to choose for my countertop?
We have a variety of edges. You can see the countertop edges here or you can come to our office, see and touch your favorite edge.

Do I need plywood?
To find out if you need plywood or not. You need to find the thickness of your granite or marble slab.

2cm granite is the most use granite thickness in San Diego and most California, it does REQUIRE plywood as support and you will find a large selection of styles.
3cm granite does NOT need plywood is thick enough that it doesn't need support.

Why do I need the sink?
You need the sink template that comes with your new sink to make sure the measurements are perfect before cutting the granite slab.
If you don't have the sink template, you can have the sink itself ready for pickup from your friendly countertop fabricator.

Why do I need the faucets?
The faucet holes are made the same day of installation and cut on site. Without the faucets the installation can take more time than necessary.